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LoulouSalsa is the happy accident of a long-time Canadian resident.  Mother of two and lover of salsa, she began experimenting with recipes after being unable to find any she truly loved.

After 18 months of trial and error, her salsa by-the-jar quickly became a local success.  The sweet-yet-spicy taste of LoulouSalsa became an overly demanded item at the local market.

As a promoter of healthy eating and maintaining her modest opinion that if I can do it, anybody can, Loulou innovated her 'SECRET BLEND" into a do-it-yourself spice mix with recipe included and encourages you to become the 'CHEF' at home. 





Give your foods a flavor boost, salsa is a fresh and flavorful condiment with dinner, whether it be chicken, meats, wraps, tacos, potatoes, eggs or just eat with chips.  

It's extremely addictive, after you see how easy it comes together, you'll never again buy inspired jarred salsa.



It is also the perfect make ahead appetizer.  A jar packed with freshly tossed salsa, full of fresh sweet peppers, onions, and aromatic herbs.



LoulouSalsa products are pre-measured spice blends that let's you make your own delicious salsa, chili, and spaghetti.  The delicate balance of herbs and vegetables compliment each other, bursting with freshness and a vibrant harmony of flavor.

Being one of the few existing products that truly caters to the sugar-free diet, recipes call for honey or maple syrup.  Loulou products has gone from a silly kitchen idea which has now expended to  included Spice Blends for Chili and Spaghetti.


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